Outdoor Pest Control

At Roots Turf and Ornamental we will treat your lawn for surface feeding insects, such as sod webworms. We also treat for grubs, which are a serious and destructive lawn insect. Grubs have a distinctive “C” shape when found in the soil feeding on lawn roots.

Turf Damaging Insects

Turf Damaging Insects

Insects can be an unpleasant nuisance for homeowners inside the house. But with the exception of termites, it’s in the yard where they can do the most damage. Insects that feed on grass can transform beautiful lawns in no time. Grubs are “C” body shaped insects that feed on the lawn roots and destroy your beautiful landscape.


Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks can develop rashes and sores not only on your pets but also on your family. Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day. They thrive in warm and humid weather which is the dominate climate in Middle Georgia. One of the first signs of fleas are black flea droppings left on the coat of your pet. The infestation of fleas and ticks needs to be treated immediately to avoid an infested household.