Aeration & Dethatching Your Lawn

De-thatching is an effective way to revive a lawn. If you’ve noticed that your lawn continues to look brown regardless of how much or often you water it, it might be time to de-thatch.

Thatch LayerThatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between the turf and the soil surface. Excessive thatch creates an environment favorable for pests and disease; it’s also an unfavorable growing environment for grass roots.

As thatch levels accumulate to greater than half an inch, lawn problems may begin (i.e. disease, insects, etc) and thatch will need to be controlled.

Core aeration generally corrects the reason that thatch is accumulating. Core aeration machines pull small soil cores to the surface and are left to act as top dressing. The holes created help solve problems such as compaction and poor drainage. Aerating is an excellent lawn practice with many benefits, which lead to better root systems and healthier lawns.