Additional Services

Roots Turf and Ornamental provides Lime Applications, Fungicide Treatments, Mauget Tree Injections, Turf Painting, and Mole Control Services. Please call us at (478) 919-6424 if you are interested in one of our treatment options.

We service clients in Warner Robins, Macon, Bonaire, Kathleen, Centerville, Byron, Perry, and surrounding areas.

Fungus Treatment

Fungicide Treatments

Lawn fungal diseases take on a variety of forms – from dead-looking brown patches to highly visible spots, threads, rings, or slimes. Before we treat your lawn, it’s important for us to identify not only whether your lawn has a fungal disease, but to identify the fungus itself. Active fungus can often be controlled with one or more fungicide applications. We provide these services and can tell you exactly if your lawn is affected by fungus.

Turf Painting

Turf Painting

Turf colorants come in variety of shades for preferred results. At Roots Turf and Ornamental we only use organic pigments for coloration. Our lawn turf paint is safe to use on your home’s yard, commercial lawns, golf greens, and football fields. Our turf paint is organic pigment based and lasts longer than any turf dye. It is designed to stick to the grass, even when it rains, without impeding grass growth.

Lime Application

Lime Application

Liming your lawn is an important part of maintenance. Soils in our area are acidic and sour by nature. Turf grass will not grow well in highly acidic soil. Liming sweetens the soil, making important plant nutrients (calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and phosphorus) more available. Lime usually takes 2-3 months to begin working, so fall/winter is the best time to apply.

Mauget Tree Injection

Mauget Tree Injections

Mauget injection is a popular tree injection that goes directly into the plant. This injection applies fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides directly into the sap stream of the tree without contaminating the soil, air, groundwater, or the environment. These controlled tree injections are an extremely environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides to trees. Only pests feeding on the tree are directly affected.

Mole Control

Mole Control Services

Moles are small creatures and seem harmless, but they are capable of causing extensive damage to your yard or garden. Moles search for insects by burrowing just a few inches below the soil, which is the best place to find bugs and insects. Our Mole Control Service is a preventative measure against Moles in your yard. If you already observed active Moles in your yard, give us a call immediately to eliminate the threat to your lawn.