Lawn & Shrub Program


Lawn Care Program

  • Round 1: (Winter Weed) Jan-Feb 15: Pre and post emergent weed control
  • Round 2: (Early Spring Weed) Feb 15-May 1: Pre and post emergent weed control / Crabgrass preventative
  • Round 3: (Late Spring Fertilizer) April 15-June 15: A granular, slow release fertilizer to promote green up
  • Round 4: (Summer Fertilizer) Jun 15-Aug 1: A balanced, granular fertilizer to maintain green, healthy turf
  • Round 5: (Late Summer Fertilizer / Potash Application) Aug 1-Sep 15: A liquid fertilizer to promote deep root growth in turf. This will aid in resistance to cold damage over the fall/winter months
  • Round 6: (Early Fall Weed) Sep 15-Nov 1: Pre emergent weed application for the control of poa-annua
  • Round 7: (Late Fall Weed) Nov 1-Dec 15: Pre and post emergent weed app to aid in the prevention and control of winter weeds

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Program

  • Round 1 (Winter Insect and Disease) Jan-Feb: Application of dormant oil, insecticide, and fungicide
  • Round 2 (Early Spring Fert) Mar-Apr: An injectable deep root fertilizer
  • Round 3 (Summer Insect and Disease) May-Jun: Application to aid in the prevention of pests over the course of the summer
  • Round 4 (Late Summer Insect & Disease) Jul-Aug: Continuing the prevention and elimination of summer pests
  • Round 5 (Fall Fertilizer) Sep-Oct: Deep root fertilization
Ornamental Tree Shrub Care